Shop Window Mystery Caller Service For Hotels

Do you know your Sales Conversion ratio? How do you compare with others?

Each day we spend vast amounts of time and money finding new customers, visiting existing ones and communicating to all of them. Imagine then if you were not able to answer their phone call, or respond to their email? 

A hotel's direct voice and email channels are the most profitable and the channel with the highest conversion potential, yet so often the door to these channels are left with attention and manned by under trained staff.

No matter how good your sales and marketing efforts are, without ShopWindow you are probably leaving many guests, and their revenues, out in the cold.

Languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian.

How MyShopWindow works

Step 1: Check the ROI calculator and then sign up via the website "Contact Us" link; you will be convinced after that ROI!

Step 2: Define your frequency of calls and emails per month. This is your Shopping Plan.

Step 3: Define your competitors for benchmarking (Optional)

Step 4: Provide caller quality standards, or accept our default terms.

Step 5: Log into your dedicated client space. Review each completed call/email in realtime when notified via email. 

Step 6: Learn and improve with our month end reporting.